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Got AdTracker is a software product that can track and analyze all traffic on your websites. With excellent reporting functionality, Got AdTracker helps to identify main sources of quality traffic that resulted in increased conversion rates and sales.

Got AdTracker will make it easy for you to:

  • Understand which ads or which referring links (including links in search results on search engines) have resulted in particular actions and sales.
  • Track the performance and optimize all of your marketing campaigns, including pay per click, banners advertising, email and affiliate marketing.
  • Discover new advertising sites and search engine keywords that you can make use of to get more quality traffic and higher conversion rates.
  • Track sales, downloads, signups, loading of important pages and see where the visitors that performed these actions originally came from.
  • Watch the trends for years, months, days, weekdays and even hours.
  • Find out the most effective versions of marketing copies and web pages by using the built-in split tests functionality.
  • Examine the path of every visitor and see all actions and sales that the visitor performed while browsing the site.
  • Monitor activity of particular visitors and groups of visitors.
  • See general statistics for your sites, such as number of unique visitors and number of requested pages. Compare these numbers between natural and paid traffic.

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